240M 8″ Quantum Throttle Pike Lure 25G 100G WAS €79.95 NOW


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      • RINGS: High-quality SIC rings
      • SECTIONS: 2-piece
      • PROPERTIES: Extra-fast rob blank for ideal contact
      • HANDLE: Optimal bite detection thanks to the progressive handle

      The popular Throttle Spin rod series has a new addition in the form of a specially designed precision-casting rod. The Throttle Pike Lure is specially designed for pike fishing and covers a casting weight spectrum of 25 g to 100 g with a choice of two rod lengths. The rod punches out large lures effortlessly and, thanks to its sensitive tip, enables optimal lure retrieval. The rod’s powerful backbone ensures that the all-important strike is always delivered with complete satisfaction. A rod that will impress novices and pros alike. Design and technology of the highest standard. A rod that will impress novices and pros alike.