Hypotwist Propbait 14cm 29G Floating Lively Roach


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      What would you say if we said we’d given HypoTeez a twist – literally? The HypoTwist is a super-realistic topwater hard lure based on that old favourite, but with a separate soft shad tail that has incredible movement the second it hits the water. The fact it’s rotating at the back of this lure also helps to create a real racket on the surface, causing plopping sounds and disturbances that will stir the predators lurking below. You can fish HypoTwist fast or slow and with pauses if you like – it’s a versatile snack that big bass, pike, perch and other surface hunters will love. Try it out and be ready for a blow up like never before.

      • Material: ABS plastic
      • Lead free
      • Topwater lure
      • Ultra sharp and strong treble hooks
      • Realistic Semi-soft fins
      • Soft rotating tail for perfect action and plopping sound
      • Spare tail included
      • Life-Like-Lure
      • Hand painted detailed colors