W2 Boat 7’/210cm XXH 30-50Ibs/200-600g 3sec


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      Designed with strength and sensitivity in mind, the W2 Boat rods are designed for the rough-stuff, whether you are fishing a wreck for conger, dropping lures for halibut, or using light pilks for cod. With the perfect action for hard fighting fish, yet with the balance to make fishing with heavy lures all day a walk in the park, these rods follow in a long tradition of Westin boat rods that are designed to get the job done! With actions and handle designs that have stood the test of time, let the W2 Boat rods take the strain. The 3 section design makes these rods perfect for traveling.

      • Reel Seat: Seaguide® DPS
      • Guides: Seaguide® SXEOG premium guides
      • Blank: 24 / 30 tonne High Performance Carbon
      • Specially designed Comfort Cross Gimbal (CCG)
      • Premium grade EVA handle