Wildhunter Sniper Led Handhelp Lamp 150mm Lens with Red Filter


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      Light up the night with the Wildhunter Sniper LED Handheld Lamp, available exclusively at Wildhunter.ie. This high-powered portable lamp features an LED light source, providing bright, clear, and energy-efficient illumination for your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re camping, hunting, or needing reliable light in emergency situations, this Sniper LED lamp is your ideal companion. Its durable design and easy handling make it perfect for rugged use in the wilderness. Enhance your night-time visibility with the Wildhunter Sniper LED Handheld Lamp – your reliable partner in exploring the great outdoors!

      The Wildhunter Sniper LED Handheld Lamp.

      • New Design with intense beam and focused spot
      • Fixed Power Light Control
      • Up to 600 meters searching capabilities using new cutting edge LED Technology
      • 150mm handheld led lamp
      • Long Life LED
      • High performance built in rechargeable Li-ion Batteries
      • Circuit Board Designed in Ireland
      • 1amp USB Charging Cable